The construction and exhibition company AзM has been an official developer of the Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Complex for 15 years.


The range of services includes:

development of exhibition stands, technical support / support of events, accreditation, acceptance of applications for suspensions, large format printing, 3D modeling, leasing of multi-media equipment, furniture, etc. 

Production facilities based on the Gostiny Dvor allow building up to 3 000 sq.m at a time. exhibition space.

 For exhibition organizers a full range of services for successful events is offered!


1. Types of development and full technical support:


If you want to offer Exhibitors an inexpensive European building format, new perspectives open for you.

In 2017, a new construct was developed and commissioned for the organizers


Exclusive Exhibition Standard



Exclusive OCTANORM




Exclusive development



2. 3D modeling of the exhibition *




*When building over 1,000sq.m. An exclusive standard for the Organizer provides the opportunity to see the layout of your event at the Gostiny Dvor site long before it begins.


3. Printing printing and banners in Gostiny Dvor.

This service allows you to print at market prices without unnecessary logistics. The most valuable thing for us is your time and money!


4. Equipment

All you need for the event: a wide range of furniture, multi-media equipment, floral design, etc.


5. Personal manager

Reception and processing of all information. Formation of technical solutions, optimization of event budgets.

Coordination of all stages of preparation from the first meeting to dismantling.



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